We’re recruiting! In fact, 2015 sees us planning our largest graduate intake to date. But we know you want to know what it’s really like working with us. We asked Pradip Maisuria, a former graduate recruit and now full time Experior consultant, about his experiences working with us. Here’s what he had to say.

Tell us how you got the job and why you chose Experior?

I joined Experior a few years after graduating. I had previously pursued a career as an Electrician but my degree in Computing and my passion for technology led me to think about changing my career path. I first heard of Experior and the graduate scheme from a family member. They spoke highly of Experior and what they had to offer in career terms so I applied and following an assessment day, Experior recognised the potential in me and hired me!

What does your role involve and how it has developed: what are your typical activities and key responsibilities?

Upon joining Experior I was first exposed to functional testing, which progressed into Performance testing and now has become my area of expertise. Recently my role on Performance (PSV) projects is PSV Test Lead, which involves liaising with the business to identify their requirements, help produce a test approach, develop PSV test scripts using HP LoadRunner, executing the tests and reporting the results collated in a project closure report. I have also had exposure to Testing Tools projects which involve installing and upgrading HP testing tools such as HP ALM (QC) & HP LoadRunner.

What training you have received – on and off the job?

Most of my training has been delivered in-house by our experienced consulting team. I have found that the best way to broaden my knowledge and skills has been from being exposed to various projects from the very beginning and to learn on the job with the support of the project team.

Please could you share some highlights of your Experior journey so far?

The best part of the work that I have done is the sense of achievement and accomplishment when a project is completed and the client is very happy with the service I have provided. Also another highlight in performance testing is when I solve issues using the testing tool which no one has used or attempted to use before.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I like the exposure to various projects and client sites. I find that I can get bored very easily if I’m doing the same job every day in the same environment, so it is great that Experior has exposed me to many different roles and projects. Also I am able to broaden my knowledge and skill-set further as opposed to being in one location and with one area of focus. I enjoy projects which challenge my mind and Performance Testing projects certainly do that!

Are there any challenges have you faced and how have you overcome any difficult situations – what support has been provided?

One challenge which springs to mind was when I was on a recent Performance Testing project at Sanctuary Housing. The project milestones from the client side were being delayed each week. This resulted in our test execution plan being pushed out further with no room for an extension. This led to myself and a colleague having to cram 3 weeks work into 1 week to meet the deadline. On top of that, our Project Test Lead was moved to a new project. This was a great opportunity for me to step up and carry out the test lead role to ensure we met this deadline. We worked long days but we delivered the project to the scheduled deadline and the client was very pleased with the service we delivered. Throughout this challenging period, we still had support from our senior colleagues who were just a phone call away. Even though the project was a tough at times, I enjoyed the challenges and pressures, and best of all I was exposed to the Test Lead role which has broadened my knowledge and skill set.

Tell us what is great about working for Experior?  

The main reason is the team of people Experior has working for them. I thoroughly enjoy the friendliness and the conversations with my colleagues, especially when it comes to the Company Days. These are a great opportunity for the whole company to be together, to share knowledge and reconnect.