At Experior we believe that the success of any project (and particularly an SAP implementation) can be measured by three determining factors:

  • The delivery of a memorable user experience
  • Genuine acceleration of change
  • Delivery of digital transformation

Easy words to write; difficult to achieve!  These three factors absolutely dictate the business value the significant investment will return.

Our roots as a company illustrate how we help our customers actually realise these lofty ambitions.  We were founded with a focus on testing.  Why? We believe testing is the interesting bit of any project.  Most people look upon testing as a necessary evil, with the clever part being the blueprinting and configuration; testing, it is argued, should be pushed out to the lowest possible cost resources and the real experts are really involved in the systems integration.

Over the years we have successfully reframed our customers’ view of testing – and our customers are the ones who go live with SAP on time, under budget, with higher quality of deployment and real business value delivered.

The reason testing is the interesting bit is that it is where everything comes together.  Reframing the view of testing to be the most strategic part of the implementation becomes much easier when viewed in this light.  The best approach to testing takes the original business requirements, reviews the holistic (an over-used but key word in this context) business processes and determines whether the built system is going to deliver against those requirements.  Often it is the testing phase that breaks down the organisational silos and forces the business to look at the integrated business process (and therefore the source of real business value).  Approaching testing in this way means that the entire perspective on its value changes.  It becomes the determining factor behind the delivery of the user experience, the acceleration of change and digital transformation, rather than an after-thought.

This is how we operate at Experior.  We have the technical and business expertise to create a testing strategy and execute it to deliver a completely different level of quality.  It also means that the impact of testing goes way beyond just running scripts, checking boxes and ensuring siloed functionality works; testing in the right way becomes the driver behind project success.

Reframing the traditional view of testing is therefore a logical imperative to make your SAP rollout a success.  Our customers have taken this approach and have realised the benefits.  Testing really is the interesting bit!