What’s it like working for a software testing company? More importantly, what’s it like to work for Experior? To: We asked Kenny Small, a graduate from our 2013 intake and now a successful consultant – just these questions. Here is what he had to say.

Tell us why you chose Experior and how you got the job?

I chose Experior after going through the graduate assessment centre which I found to be a pleasant experience in comparison to the other assessment centres. Another rather large consultancy made me feel like a number, and communicated pretty much that I was a number and was lucky that I would be able to use their name on my CV in the future. In contrast Experior consistently communicated their commitment to my personal development and the value they place on their individuals; so far this has turned out to be true!

What does your role involve and how it has developed: what are your typical activities and key responsibilities?

My role varies quite a bit which is great and allows me to experience the many sides of being a consultant; I can be working independently with a project manager or as part of a wider team. Last week at Homebase, I was running the performance testing to ensure the system could cope with a high volume of orders, this involved coming in at 6 a.m. and coordinating the internal and 3rd party teams to monitor the systems performance; ensuring they were clear of their responsibilities and that we were all aligned. This week, I am meeting with a 3rd party vendor for the client, to establish ways of working and document a clear understanding of the roles and relationship going forward.

What training you have received – on and off the job?

On the job the training stems from the real practical experience of being on the client site, engaging with clients and their 3rd party vendors. Off the job training comes in terms of SAP certification courses, which provide personal development and also a good grounding in SAP.

Please could you share some highlights of your Experior journey so far?

I have two highlights so far: The first time I saw the result of my work outside of the office as a customer of the client. I worked on the implementation of allowing the client to print coupons from the tills of their stores. Going into the store and receiving a coupon myself was quite a cool experience. It is not too often we see the tangible results of our work. And more recently I was invited to spend 1.5 days with the leadership team for the ‘Experior Company Spirit’ event, where I was involved in the efforts to define the future direction of the company. The exposure of sitting alongside the CEO, founders and leading members of the Company was a great learning experience and as a graduate, one I feel is unique in comparison to my peers. Witnessing these guys at work was motivating and also provided a key insight into what it takes to reach that level. To be able to contribute to such high level decisions at this stage in my career is something I relish and I will definitely take away this experience for the rest of my career and hopefully use it to aid my progression.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy the people, and that is a common theme here. Working with talented individuals every day creates a great learning environment. With such a demographically varied team, the opportunity to learn is abundant. I also enjoy the freedom I have to move my career forward and receive on-the-job responsibilities when I ask for them.

Are there any challenges have you faced and how have you overcome any difficult situations – what support has been provided?

One challenge early on was not knowing what my responsibilities were, but with the introduction of our new online PDR review system, it is clear what I need to achieve and the actions I need to perform in order to get there. On the whole, any challenge don’t last long as the support group here is great.

Tell us what is great about working for Experior?  

For me it’s all about learning, progressing and working with great people every day.