Stacking the odds in your favour through BI testing with Experior

The power of BI offers to the modern organization an analytical pot at the end of the rainbow which in implementation is at risk of turning into fool’s gold. According to Gartner, only 30% of BI projects successfully meet the business requirements.

Poor data testing can result in high defect rates, long testing windows and ultimately a lack of trust in the solution. Complex BI solutions include variously many sources of data, several front ends, multiple outbound systems such as BPC and, increasingly, social media. Testing takes 40% of the time of a typical BI implementation and this can be exacerbated by a lack of independent testing, with System Integrators ‘marking their own homework’. Further challenges come from the risk of over-testing reports and finding data issues late in the testing lifecycle, particularly during User Acceptance Test.

At Experior, we know how to mitigate these BI testing challenges through our expertise and our experience, in order to deliver successful projects. We know that the testers must have deep expertise in BI, data and analytics. We know that the data must be tested in both System Test and System Integration Test to ensure a sound foundation for the data warehouse, with the lion’s share of the testing lifecycle being spent in these phases. Using our unique Risk-Based Testing (RBT) methodology, a key subset of your reporting catalogue can be targeted for maximum effective use of resources and the shortest time to deployment.

RBT also facilitates testing the right tests at the right time and this approach enables us to reduce BI costs by up to 25%. Further cost reduction can be achieved by introducing BI test automation, where we have demonstrated time reductions of up to 75% by using this approach.

Gold-plate your organizational data analytics and reporting function by choosing Experior to test your BI implementation.