Strategy & Roadmaps
Experior’s industry expertise enables you to deliver a best practice for your organisation, providing a comprehensive framework of manageable stages to implementation.

When formulating your test strategy, it is essential to take into account the diversity of your systems landscape, the speed of evolution, your internal resource and current practices.

We will create a successful, workable strategy that encompasses progress you’ve already made, allowing more progression without the need for additional time or resource.

We work with you at every stage, from initial scoping of business requirements to implementation, to achieve the best possible outcome. We recommend areas where you can make significant improvements to your system performance, create efficiencies in both time and resource, and mitigate potential risk.

Key Benefits
  • Accelerate your entire portfolio of projects
  • Define risk-levels for each project to manage testing effort
  • Provide clarity on the required people, procedures, tools and infrastructure
  • Identify whether a local or offshore approach is best for you
  • Articulate the test approach to all stakeholders in the project