Accelerate your SAP HANA Testing with Experior

SAP Hana is the fastest growing technology in SAP history. As an in-memory database, it combines real-time analytics with transactional information enabling faster processing.

There are several options available to implement SAP Hana depending on the size of your organisation, use case and budget. These approaches range from a technical upgrade, where the database is migrated to SAP Hana, to implementing S/4 Hana including its new solutions such as SAP Simple Finance and SAP BW on Hana.  Whatever approach is selected, since the underlying code in SAP changes, testing will be key to the success of your implementation.

Are mobile devices part of your system landscape? If so, ensuring that custom code on these devices (for example order taking) will work after the upgrade without degradation is critical. Experior can help you overcome the challenges of Hana testing.  Using our experience in HANA, cloud and mobile gained at the largest European DIY retailer, leading food wholesaler in the UK and UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of fitted kitchens, our SAP certified team will help you scope your Hana testing by defining a prioritised scope, thus ensuring you are focusing your efforts and budget on the critical areas for your business. For example, if you have chosen to upgrade your database via a technical upgrade, we will prioritize the custom code that is affected by the upgrade based on your critical business processes and define the test scope.

We cover all areas of HANA functional, performance and security testing from defining the test strategy, to test management, scripting, execution, tuning and reporting. When you work with Experior, you get an optimised testing approach using the best tools including UFT and TAO for automation and our proprietary accelerators (such as risk based testing, and BW on Hana off the shelf SIT scripts) that meets the business requirements while benefiting from shorter testing times.

In addition to using our consultants on site, our Experior test Centre analyst team based in Staines provides complementary services such as scripting and test execution at offshore rates with none of the downside of offshore resource management.


The HANA effect

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The slow road to fast analytics

Migrating to SAP HANA is a long road. There are however countless advantages SAP HANA brings to the table, which I won’t list at length here, that makes it a very attractive proposition. This type of technical transformation is never quick or cheap…

What 2016 holds for testing

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Experior expertly safeguard the journey through a new world of SAP HANA Performance Testing

The UK’s largest bakery chain were transforming their business by implementing SAP HANA and asked Experior to deliver performance testing. Early in the engagement, it became apparent that performance testing was a very new discipline for the client and inevitably it was a steep learning curve to appreciate the various fundamental requirements of performance testing. By leveraging its SAP HANA performance testing experience, Experior met this challenge head-on, maintaining open and honest dialogue with the client throughout the engagement, flexing to adopt unusual working hours in support of environment sharing agreements and even voluntarily taking on functional testing of the batch processes in order to meet the performance testing prerequisites. In doing so, Experior demonstrated hard constraints on system capacity which directly informed strategic decisions relating to rollout, but also demonstrated that the initial client target and timeline could be achieved. The success of this engagement was ultimately demonstrated by a successive order for further performance testing on the same project, triggered by the valued delivered in the initial engagement.

Breaking new ground with SAP HANA testing by Experior

A home improvements company with over 1,100 stores in 10 countries across Europe implemented SAP HANA. Experior were engaged to deliver all the functional and performance testing across the entire new SAP HANA landscape; from scoping, planning and managing, to test execution and user acceptance of seven SAP HANA functional modules.  This challenge was recognised even within SAP itself as ground-breaking. Experior leveraged its extensive range of testing accelerators and SAP HANA testing expertise by scoping through unconstrained business and technical analysis and then honing via risk-based analysis. This produced an optimised and achievable set of key functional and performance tests. During execution, Experior worked closely with the client teams to successfully close defects and in the course of doing so also made recommendations on a broad spectrum of SAP HANA functional and performance characteristics in order to instill client confidence.


Deploy Applications Faster and Optimize Results on the SAP HANA® Platform

The SAP HANA® platform promises exceptional transaction and analytic performance. But high performance requires more than blazing-fast computing technology.