HP Quality Center test tools can be a challenge. Experior has the solution.
Finding the time and expertise in an organisation to manage test tools effectively can be difficult – you may find yourself asking the following questions:
  • Managing our testing tools takes significant time away from our day-job; how can we avoid this?
  • How can we best keep up-to-date with patches and upgrades?
  • Could we get more from our testing tools and do we have the time and expertise?
  • How can we get better value from our investment in test tools?
  • Why are we are spending so much effort performing user management or administration tasks?
  • Using tools to manage SAP testing is critical but how can we deploy test tools when we do not have the expertise, infrastructure or capex budget to take advantage of them?
If any of the above sounds familiar, then Experior can help.
  • We offer HP Quality Center application managed services in the cloud so the hassle of patching, updates and upgrades is all taken care of.
  • We provide you with all the administration and user management, whilst also giving advice and guidance on ways to improve your investment in test tools.
  • Our service is flexible to scale up quickly for any peak demands you may have
  • If you have particular needs then we can work with you to create a customisable solution which is tailored to meet your needs.
  • If you already have or would rather deploy HP Quality Center on premise, then no problem: we can structure our solution so you get all the benefits and hassle free use from Quality Center on your own infrastructure.

Our managed services are delivered by our Test Centre team based in our head office in Staines – there is no off-shoring or language barrier or time difference to deal with.

Application Management

We offer much more than just administration: Experior will work with you to maximise your investment in test tools:


Work closely with you to ensure your test tools are aligned to your programme plans and assist in smoothing peaks of license usage


Devise a roadmap to efficient test tool usage, with future budget projections or cost savings


Devise the best solutions to help you achieve your goals. Recommend which patches to apply and which version to upgrade to


Provide you with an insight into how to test new technologies

So what’s included in our service?  We offer two levels – Basic and Standard.
We can also offer HP Quality Center maintenance through as an HP partner through the reseller programme; contact us for more details.
Application Management
For many, the vital roles of infrastructure and application management are delegated to different organisations, which often leads to slow issue resolution.

Experior’s Cloud Hosting is located in ISO accredited data centres with 99.95% uptime and managed by our qualified experts.

Speak to us for more details.

Flexible Licensing

Experior provides flexible licensing that suits your requirements. Whether it is a short-term top-up on existing licenses or for multi-year programmes, Experior can provide the model that best fits your needs. With Experior Flexible Licensing, you can react to the peaks and troughs of demand.


To take advantage of our services and start maximising the value from your testing tools get in touch.


If you need help or advice you can call us and speak to our local team.  We’ll happily help to resolve the problem.


You can notify us by phone, email or through our online portal. We’ll start working on your issue right away and you can track its progress


The vast majority of issues, admin and config can be completed remotely. Where needed an engineer will be onsite with you as soon as possible


Our experts are on hand and will provide a response within 2hrs, so you know we’ll always be able to provide you with the support you need, when you need it