Test Centre

Our Test Centre is an integral part of Experior, an onshore, UK based team which provides our Customers with greater flexibility and a lower cost option.

Through the Test Centre we are able to harness the advantages of off-shore without the typical problems & challenges. With our team of consultants, working remotely from our Staines office we can deliver projects using Experior’s methodology with the same level of technical expertise and experience, delivering considerable cost savings.

Our Test Centre team are experienced in:

Our Test Centre provide a number of services to our Customers which include:

  • Managing the support and maintenance of test tools, helping organisations maximise the value from their investment
  • Creating and maintaining automated regression test packs to ensure these are kept current and help accelerate change delivery
  • Implementing and upgrading test tools ensuring Customers are utilising & embedding the latest  features & functionality
  • Deploying test management dashboards enabling Customers to make effective decision making when it comes to change deployment
  • Providing an extension Customers BAU teams to help accelerate testing activities, increasing capability and reducing testing windows

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