With the emergence of big data, high levels of user concurrency, and the increase in mobile device usage, organisations face an ever increasing challenge in mitigating the risks of user experience degradation and slow response times.

Experior can help you overcome the challenges of speed and user experience thanks to our unique end to end Performance Testing and Tuning Methodology. We do this through our comprehensive and flexible services which range from standardised performance testing services to proof of concepts on new technologies through to the hosting of LoadRunner or an on demand service.

Experior will work closely with you and your System Integrators to understand your business and day to day challenges (for example : How can I ensure that 200,000 concurrent customers can order an article on a mobile application without performance degradation?). Using our 14 years track record in solving performance challenges and our experience in the latest technologies such as HYBRIS, S4HANA, cloud and mobile, our highly skilled team can help you scope your performance testing via the gathering of Non- Functional Requirements to define a prioritised scope, thus ensuring you are focusing your efforts and budget on the critical areas for your business. Experior also provides services in the Installation, Hosting and Maintenance of the LoadRunner platform via its Application Manged Support (AMS) services. We cover all areas of Performance Testing from test management, test strategy, to scripting, execution, tuning and reporting. When you work with Experior, you will get an optimised tuned system that meets the business requirements while benefiting from shorter testing times thanks to our performance accelerators.

In addition to using our consultants on site, our Experior Test Centre analyst team based in Staines, provides complementary service to our onsite consultants such as the maintenance of your testing tool instance.  Competitively priced, the Experior test centre offers performance testing and tuning services at offshore rates with none of the downside of offshore resource management

Case Studies

SpireHealthcareSpire Healthcare is a leading provider of private healthcare, with 38 hospitals and 10 clinics throughout the UK. The company is built on a proud heritage of over 25 years’ experience of running successful private hospitals and
specialist clinics.

AnglianWaterAnglian Water is the largest water company in England and Wales by geographic area, covering a region that stretches from the Humber to the Thames estuary and then from Buckinghamshire to Lowestoft on the east coast.


The Hidden Depths of Performance Testing

What you as a tester know about the value of testing might be just the tip of an iceberg. If you know about testing, then you can probably articulate already the pitfalls of ignoring the dimension of performance. You’ll know that the purpose of the exercise is to mitigate risk of not meeting the NFRs…

Performance testing is key to the really memorable user experience

Performance testing is critical in ensuring that an exceptional user experience is delivered. That’s because executing this phase of testing correctly will provide you and your team with a real understanding of the responsiveness and stability of your system under a particular workload. It can help you plan your IT strategy around the peaks and…

Don’t be scared, Performance Testing is just testing…

In the testing world we’re sometimes guilty of making the simple look complex maybe even more so with in Performance Testing! However when you lift the bonnet on the dark arts of Performance testing you will find that it is just like any other type of testing…


Experior were critical to the success of project “Cirrus” at Halfords, They were honest with the views during the project. To give Experior an evaluation I would say three things 1. They have a huge amount of experience 2. Speak to other customers and 3. Watch our Halfords testimonial. We would gladly work with Experior again

Stuart Richards
(Head of IT Solutions) from Halfords

To give you some sizing – our website is over 1\4 million lines of code with complex business rules\logic. Our defect rate is well below industry standards through two major releases last year. One of the releases impacted over 40% of site pages. On top of this we migrated the site to new government facility last year and Experior helped us quickly validate the site during the migration.

Terrra Walker
Spire Healthcare
Success Stories
Experior demonstrate their leading-edge innovation and problem solving in performance testing

One of Europe’s largest and fastest-growing technology distribution and specialist service providers were transitioning from Oracle to SAP. They asked Experior to execute performance testing on a mature Oracle platform being retained to support their new warehouse management solution. Leveraging their wealth of scoping and risk-based analytical experience, Experior gathered the requirements, mapped the processes and agreed the scope. Next it was necessary to face down a challenge well known in the industry: scripting Oracle for performance testing effectively. In overcoming this challenge for multiple protocols, Experior illustrated their leading-edge problem solving capability in performance testing. The dry run phase of the engagement revealed that the middleware could not handle the required load and that re-sizing of the pre-production environment was necessary to proceed. Having advised on and agreed a roadmap to achieving the client’s objectives, Experior were invited to return to complete the job when the changes had been implemented.

Innovative Experior break new ground in HANA performance testing

A home improvement company with over 1,100 stores in 10 countries across Europe implemented SAP HANA. Experior were engaged to deliver end user assurance across the entire new HANA landscape through performance testing. This challenge was recognised even within SAP itself as ground-breaking. Experior brought to bear the full range of their performance testing expertise, by scoping through unconstrained business and technical analysis and then honing via risk-based and historical analysis, down to a lean and achievable set of key performance tests. During execution a number of performance test issues were identified. Experior worked closely with the client technical teams to successfully tune out these issues and in the course of doing so made recommendations on a broad spectrum of performance characteristics to instil client confidence.

Experior expertly safeguard the journey through a new world of Performance Testing

The UK’s largest bakery chain were transforming their business by implementing SAP and asked Experior to deliver performance testing for a particular release. Early in the engagement, it became apparent that performance testing was a very new discipline for the client and inevitably it was a steep learning curve to appreciate the various fundamental requirements of performance testing. Experior met this challenge head-on, maintaining open and honest dialogue with the client throughout the engagement, flexing to adopt unusual working hours in support of environment sharing agreements and even voluntarily taking on functional testing of the batch processes in order to meet the performance testing prerequisites. In doing so, Experior demonstrated hard constraints on system capacity which directly informed strategic decisions relating to rollout, but also demonstrated that the initial client target and timeline could be achieved. The success of this engagement was ultimately demonstrated by a successive order for further performance testing on the same project, triggered by the valued delivered in the initial engagement.

Experior innovate to deliver recurring performance testing value through strategic client relationship

The UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of fitted kitchens, appliances and joinery products asked Experior to deliver performance testing during an upgrade of their sales system. This comprised both a software upgrade and a transition to multiple environment instances from a single instance, in a bid to remove a single point of failure and to reduce or remove outages. It became apparent that there was little experience of the testing methods within the industry required to mitigate against the risk of poor performance on transition and that significant innovation would be required to support build of the solution and deliver on the brief. This was because an approach needed to be devised which incorporated instance synchronisation and effective methods of monitoring thereof; the NFRs needed to evolve along with the approach; and the test harness itself, via a mature collaboration between Experior and the client, needed to evolve in support of the performance testing. Achieving this required extensive collaboration with the BASIS, infrastructure and functional teams. Experior’s flexibility in performance testing coupled with the strong platform of trust achieved through long collaboration with the client made this challenging assignment a success. The client test team visibly matured as a result of the experience and the innovative solution delivered resilience which has helped to ‘future-proof’ the client solution. By choosing to enter into a strategic relationship on performance testing with Experior, the client has achieved an enduring legacy against which the initial investment repays over and again.