Static & Dynamic Analysis

Experior provide SAP Application Security services utilising SAP Fortify by HP and SAP CVA. Employing the best static testing technology for source code, byte code and binary analysis. Supporting over 22 languages including ABAP.

Analysis is fast and covers both SAP standard and custom code, with a manual review of false-positives.

Step 1: Analysis
  • Trigger Static or Dynamic analysis for your SAP applications
  • Experior security professionals perform assessment & verify results
  • Verifiable false-positives removed before results published
  • Ratings and assessment against pass/fail criteria
  • Fast assessment time
Step 2: Report
  • High-level metrics and drill-down into details
  • Filter by severity, vulnerability categories, or other data
  • Quickly identify critical vulnerabilities
  • Target hotspots, trends and repeated code weaknesses
Step 3: Remediate
  • Drill down to identify code lines and remediation recommendations
  • Manage and assign remediation tasks
  • Resolve issues and request re-scan
Step 4: Retest
  • Request remediation scan
  • Experior team verify items have been correctly remediated
  • Updated assessment data & report

“ For companies with more than 500 employees the average cost of the most severe breach is now between £1.46 million and £3.14 million.”