What’s the working world really like? Is software testing for me? These are important questions to have answered as you approach the start of a whole new chapter of your life – your career. Our 2014 graduate recruit, Nick Thalassitis, who studied physics at Sussex University, shares his experience of working with us at Experior.

Tell us why you chose Experior and how you got the job?

I initially noticed the job on a well-known graduate recruitment website. It seemed like a very interesting opportunity which is why I applied. I was invited to an assessment day, which was both challenging and enjoyable. I was offered a position on the one-year graduate programme, which I immediately accepted. I chose to work for Experior due to the excellent opportunity for career progression, the friendly and approachable employees they already had on-board as well as the variety of projects and clients I would have the chance to work with.

​​What does your role involve and how it has developed?n What are your typical activities and key responsibilities?

The variety of projects I have worked on during my six months at Experior have enabled me to develop a broad skill-set across IT and consulting. For example, I have worked at Brakes on an Automation project, for Aryzta on our new Quality Centre Application Management Service and most recently at UK Mail where I was part of their functional test team working on their iMail project. So far, I would have to say it’s difficult to list typical activities as every project has been different, but I have discovered that to make a successful consultant you need an excellent work ethic, great interpersonal skills and a real desire to learn and develop.

​What training you have received – on and off the job?

During my three week induction training at Experior, I attended several training courses and also had the opportunity to shadow each department. This allowed me to gain a well-rounded overview of the business. The training courses I attended included in-depth theoretical knowledge needed on the job, as well as the necessary people skills which are essential as a consultant. I also had the opportunity to attend a management training course, which I found very beneficial.

Please could you share some highlights of your Experior journey so far?

During my first six months at Experior there have been two main highlights. The first was being given the responsibility of running the testing team at one client. I took over all testing efforts as well as reporting and daily progress meetings. At another client I had the opportunity to run an Automation training workshop for the client. This allowed me to enhance my leadership abilities.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy many things about my job. Firstly, the variety of clients and projects I work on keep things very interesting, as there are always unique challenges involved. Secondly, the responsibility on offer within each project encourages me to constantly rise to the occasion and to excel. Also, the friendly and approachable people I work with make it that much more enjoyable.

​Are there any challenges have you faced and how have you overcome any difficult situations – what support has been provided?

Everyone at Experior has been more than happy to offer their support during my first six months. One example of this would be whilst I was carrying out an ALM upgrade for Aryzta. During the three-week-long upgrade, I encountered several challenges which mainly involved SQL databases. Fortunately I received excellent support from an Experior colleague, who demonstrated how to locate and solve any similar issues in the future.

​Tell us what is great about working for Experior?  

Working at Experior has been an exciting experience. The variety of tasks that I am constantly faced with keeps every day interesting and provides a high energy work environment, which is enhanced by the excellent team that I work with. Furthermore, the opportunity to travel and work throughout the UK is something I thoroughly enjoy.