“All I want for Christmas is SaaS…”

Software as a Service (SaaS) is not a new concept and companies around the world both big or small have been reaping the benefits of SaaS models for many years. But what are the benefits and how can they help your organisation?

At this time of year, for those who celebrate Christmas, folk of all ages may be thinking of their “wish lists” and the gift ideas they can send to Santa or pass to their family / friends. If we did the same from an I.T perspective, we may start to write a wish list that includes words like “fast deployment”, “flexibility”, “cost effective”, “scalable” and “latest technology”. All of these words ring true when looking at the benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS).

The very nature of Software as a Service (SaaS), providing applications over the internet rather than implementing in house (on premise), generates tangible benefits from the offset with no hardware costs required upfront. This instantly opens up the door for many organisations making applications more accessible & cost effective. SaaS works on a subscription basis for fixed periods or pay as you go therefore making it a viable solution for all, our offering at Experior has enabled organisations to save on average 20% of their costs.

In one of our recent blogs “Reap the benefits of offshore onshore – the viable alternative” we talked about the importance of speed of response within change delivery and the need to be able to implement solutions to meet customer requirements within shorter time periods. SaaS solutions are perfect in this example, with incredibly quick deployment timescales where you can be up and running within hours, for example Experior’s Test Tool SaaS solution can be live within 24 hours.

Similarly, for organisations it is important to be able to respond to growth and changing demands, therefore scalability and flexibility is key. At times it can be challenging, either due to lack of internal capability (knowledge & skills) or capacity (financial or resources). Deploying SaaS solutions does not constrain an organisation’s ability to respond to changing requirements with options to increase storage and capacity available, providing the platform for growth. It is also important to note that by deploying SaaS solutions it does not limit your ability to provide an integrated landscape for your organisation with pre-built integration solutions available.

When initially considering moving away from an on premise model to a SaaS model it may feel as if you are losing a lack of control, ownership & job safety could be at risk. However, deploying SaaS solutions enables organisations & their resources to be more effective, shifting the focus from support & maintenance to a more strategic perspective looking at optimisation, process improvements & innovation – this is where the true value is delivered.

As a testing consultancy we work with customers who would like to deploy testing best practice and make use of the latest features & functionality test tools can offer. With SaaS solutions these are readily available and form part of the service with latest upgrades, patches and support in utilising new functionality. This offers peace of mind that your solutions are supported, up to date, and you can reap the benefits of new features without additional costs.

So would if you want a software solution that is cost effective, flexible and can enable your organisation to deliver benefits then maybe consider adding SaaS to your Christmas list.

To find out more information of Experior’s SaaS Test Tool solution & how it can deliver benefits to your organisation click here.