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It has been just over a month since I embarked on my Experior journey and into my new life as an SAP (Systems, Applications and Product) Test Analyst, and what a journey it has been!

When I joined the Test Centre in mid-October, I started alongside 2 other ‘fresh faced’ graduates, making a total head count of 6 in the Test Centre team. Now just one month on, 3 new graduates have joined the team permanently and an additional 2 have been contracted in on a temporary basis to help out on our first project.

This 11 strong Test Centre team line-up has created an energetic, yet productive office environment and falls perfectly in line with Experior’s vision to create a memorable employee experience, not to mention the increase in revenue at Jay’s News due to the growing milk requirements!

Having studied Business with Finance at university, my knowledge of computers barely left the comforting realm of Microsoft, so unsurprisingly I didn’t have the greatest idea of what an SAP Test Analyst role entailed. Now, after over a month in the Test Centre, I can safely say that my minimal past experience in IT has not been a problem in the slightest.

As expected, the first 2 weeks of training were pretty full on, it soon became apparent that there wasn’t such a thing as a ‘quick’ SAP overview. The first week concentrated on the core SAP modules and how they integrated with one another, while the second week we were introduced to the wonders of HP ALM, aka the upgraded HP QC for the more ‘experienced’ consultant – we would be using the software on our first project.

Being handed direct responsibility and client exposure on week 3 at Experior was something that I did not expect, but it is undoubtedly something that I have found to be extremely beneficial. Working closely with the on-site functional lead, I have been building, scripting and assigning business process components to test plans, all in accordance to Experior’s risk based testing methodology. There is only so much that you can learn in a training environment, the pressure of working on a live project has allowed me to pick up the required skills in a short space of time.

Working in the Test Centre is like being slowly lowered into the water, which, in my opinion is far more pleasurable than being thrown in at the deep end. Having the support of senior on-site consultants, as well as the vast amount of Staines based expertise has made my first client project a manageable one. I’m confident that the Test Centre will allow me to learn the skills that I’ll need for future consulting roles and I’m sure that I’ll have fun along the way.

– Harry Fothergill – Test Centre Graduate Consultant

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