Hello! My name is Ana and this is my fourth month working as a Test Centre Analyst at Experior.

I come from a Software Computer Engineer degree and 3 years working as an SAP ABAP developer back in Spain, more specifically in Murcia ā€“ south east of Spain by the coast where I was born and I grew up.

I joined Experior because I wanted to improve my knowledge in SAP in another different area to complete my ABAP expertise and for this reason Experior is certainly the right choice when looking to develop your SAP career. This is the target I had in mind when looking for a company in the United Kingdom and I must say Iā€™m really happy with my decision.

One of the most important aspects to highlight from my experience so far at Experior has been the training we have had for the first months which has been able to prepare me to approach my first project with a customer here.

On this project I have acquired individual responsibilities, taking ownership about certain tasks and procedures of the project straight away after the training given. Although it might seem daunting at first, shortly after starting you can feel you can develop the task assigned to you thanks to the training, but also more importantly, to your colleagues and team mates who will help you through any of the questions you encounter while realising your tasks.

The next aspect to highlight is the personal environment around the office and with the colleagues working onsite with the customers. Not only are they eager to help you with technical challenges but they are also understanding when I have had my troubles with the English language and also very keen to reckon a job well done.

I will keep trying to make the most of the opportunity Experior is giving to me.


– Ana-Maria Abellaneda



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  1. Having work with Ana on 2 projects to date and I found that she is a key member of the team. She demonstrated her capability of learning new tasks and applying them to a very high standard. Well done Ana.

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