Cut testing costs in 3 easy steps

Enterprise software testing enables your business change, drives your software quality and focuses your remediation efforts. It can also slow down your projects and cost you way more than it should.

I’ve worked in enterprise software testing for the last 15 years and I’ve noticed 3 simple steps to stop you spending more than you should:

By testing sooner, later and less, you can maximise the gain and minimise the pain associated with testing.

“All I want for Christmas is SaaS…”

Software as a Service (SaaS) is not a new concept and companies around the world both big or small have been reaping the benefits of SaaS models for many years. But what are the benefits and how can they help your organisation?

At this time of year, for those who celebrate Christmas, folk of all ages may be thinking of their “wish lists” and the gift ideas they can send to Santa or pass to their family / friends. If we did the same from an I.T perspective,

SAP Simple Finance, on-premise edition

I was a keen ballroom dancer in my youth, and was recently inspired to take it up again and started to learn the ‘Kizomba Dance’. At first this new dance was rather unfamiliar and I was struggling to reach the heights of my youthful ballroom dancing.

It was when I realised that the ‘Kizomba’ was a union of Salsa and Tango, both dances I was familiar with that I began to understand the dance and return (in my mind anyway) to the performance levels I expected of myself.

Has offshoring had its day?

Offshoring has had a huge boom throughout the past 30 years, but has it had its day as companies pursue ‘re-shoring’?

Offshoring is defined as the removal of services and processes within a business to be relocated overseas – its “offshore”. Generally, this is outsourced to companies that can provide lower costs through more favourable rates and scalability to manage peak in demands.

Speed vs Quality vs Cost – Simultaneously (im)Possible?

  • Quality should not be so highly though of above cost and speed; we should seek to achieve all 3 simultaneously
  • Speed (time) in QA is delivering as quick as possible with the expected quality; the relationship is equal
  • Cost is a metric that should be embraced not frowned upon
  • Speed and cost advantages should come from the competency of the MTS, quality is about understanding what the client needs.