Are you a Transformer? Well it depends on how you look at it. Some IT decision-makers could be viewed as “robots in disguise” – destined to follow the age-old programming that limits them to outdated ways of thinking, processes and approaches that deny them the opportunity to maximise the true potential of their business.

Given more thought however, the term “Transformer” is actually a positive one. The force of influence is on the external, the environment, the status quo. It is a mantle donned by the forward-thinking CIO, looking to transform corporate culture as IT changes from reactional to innovative.


At the forefront of this shift is cloud computing. Organisations can access everything, everywhere and with this ubiquity comes the transformative power of data-driven decision-making, modernised and simplified operations leaving your experts to do what they’re good at.

On-board so far? Good. Still, maybe in the back of your mind, you’re thinking that this “can do” attitude is going to cost. Well, cloud computing is vast, so let’s narrow the aperture a little to the area of Software as a Service (SaaS). Also known as software on-demand, SaaS allows you to access licensed software on a subscription basis.

In the context of Quality Assurance and Testing, software tools can revolutionise the scope, meticulousness and frequency of your system-change projects. Test Management, Automation, Functional and PSV testing all lie within tantalising reach of most organisations, and the well-documented advantages of adding these disciplines to the software development lifecycle warrants the stretch.

The chasm that reduces your grasp to mere fingertips instead of a firm hold, is often cost. Your defined budget whether at programme/project or departmental level may be quite lean and acquiring and licensing these valuable software tools is often prohibitively expensive (often running into the thousands for the recognised, industry-standard) and is likely to end those friendly golf trips between the CIO and CFO. Other obstacles could be time constraints, lack of in-house expertise or limited capacity of resources. How can you overcome these?


SaaS could be the solution. The HP Test Tool Suite (HP Application Lifecycle Management, HP Unified Functional Testing, Performance Center/LoadRunner) will add that 360° coverage required for business processes crossing different platforms and technologies. Introduce cloud-hosting and you’ve taken it global.

At Experior, our experts have a wealth of experience using these tools and others and subscribing to our SaaS service puts that expertise at your disposal working with you through the deployment of the software, tailoring the maintenance plan to your specific needs and delivering a fully-supported, reliable and secure test tool platform. Typically, we’ll have you online within 24hrs and with no upfront charges and the flexibility to scale and customise your service at any time, suddenly that lean budget becomes much roomier.

Interested? Of course you are. Contact us and we’ll take you through the 4 simple steps to Test Tool Best Practice via Experior’s SaaS.

Transform your business, transform your potential (and get your golf-buddy back).