At Experior, the only accredited SAP partner in the UK focused on testing; we see testing as the pivotal phase in any project – the real determinant of project success. To ensure seamless user experiences and ensure proper test execution the first time, we use HP Quality Center (QC) tools. These tools drive efficiency and effectiveness in our testing as well as allowing significant levels of testing automation. This is why QC has become an important component of our project methodology delivering successfully for many clients over the years.

Today we live in an era of change acceleration. Most recently, our customers have talked to us about the challenges they face in deploying or taking advantage of QC. Typically they tell us that managing QC takes up a significant amount of their time and distracts from other priorities. They say that they are struggling to have the time or manpower to keep up with patches and upgrades and that they either feel they are not getting as much as they should from their investment or that they would like to take advantage of QC’s capabilities but do not have the infrastructure, expertise or capex to do so; ultimately it is simply that spending time on user management and system administration just does not seem to be a good use of valuable resources (even if these tasks are recognised as critical).

Listening to our customers led us to develop and launch our new QC Application Managed Service (QC AMS). We offer full application management including patch installation, upgrades, project backups, application administration and application maintenance. We also offer advice, guidance and end user training. We took the decision to launch QC AMS, managed and delivered from our Staines Head Office, because many of our customers want to benefit from our service without having the downside of dealing with offshore resources (with the potential challenges of timezones and perhaps even language). This also means that although we can address most issues remotely, if we need to we can dispatch an engineer to be on the customer’s site we can do so quickly.

The QC AMS services we offer can be tailored to meet individual customer requirements, whether the need is for basic administration, more enhanced services or a full managed service option. We are also able to offer a cloud-based hosting option for those customers who do not want to manage their own infrastructure; we can supply incremental licences on a rental basis to scale up and down with demand; also we can resell HP’s application maintenance so that customers can benefit from a “one stop shop” for all aspects of their QC deployment.

We already have one customer live on the service and we have significant interest. If you are a QC customer perhaps facing some of the challenges outlined in this blog then please get in touch with us for a discussion about how we may be able to help.